Caen Madoka is a musician from Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo). The earliest of Caen Madoka’s career is 1968. Caen debuts in a band called “LES ABEILLES” from the late 60s to the early 1970s. Since then, he plays with “BANA NIOTA” along DALLY KIMOKO. Later he joined the starting playing with numerous bands, CAEN along with vocalist WAWALI BONNE join Johnny Bokelo’s Mbonda Africa in 1985. CAEN then joins TABU LEY”S AFRISA INTERNATIONAL in late 1987/early 1988 as a rhythm guitarist.In the 1990s, CAEN becomes a self-sought guitarist delivering both solo, rhythm and bass parts to many albums in the scene. In 1994, AURLUS MABELE’s recruits to LOKETO and debuts on the GENERATION WACHIWA album. CAEN against gained many fans to his great solos. During this era, he will play many stars such as PAPA WEMBA VIVA LA MUSICA, GUY LOBE, DR.SAKIS, DANY ENGOBO, RICARDO LEMVO, DINDO YOGO and more.Producer Ouattara Mamouni of AFRO RHYTHMS label makes CAEN MADOKA the lead guitarist of the SOUKOUSS VIBRATION series. In the late 1990s-early 2000s, he works with MADILU SYSTEM and contributes a lot due to his exceptional playing of Odemba Rumba. AWILO LONGOMBA will feature CAEN on his albums starting from Coupe Bibamba.CAEN is also part of Beniko Popolipo’s Makutano’s cover band as a rhythm guitarist. In 2012, he was part of the band “BLACK BAZAR” as a rhythm guitarist. Since 2014, he works with FAYA TESS and contributed heavily to her “DESOLE” album. He supports FAYA in live concerts along vocalist NYBOMA CANTA, bassist FLAVIEN MAKABI, FOFO DE COLLIGIEN, etc. Many projects have been released. Be sure to SHARE. ENJOYFeatures many stars such as GENERAL DEFAO,  AWILO LONGOMBA, PAPA WEMBA (RIP), AURLUS MABELE (RIP), and more!!!!


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