The Core of Modern Congolese Solo Guitar


Ruining Tine 54min , Based on techniques of playing Congolese lead guitar from the start to the end, encourage to watch carefully his fingering , how he use plectrum , if you can master this DVD you are now a lead guitarist Currently our DVDs do not contain any notation. African musical styles are predominantly an oral tradition and as such most musicians do not work from notation. During his decade-long tenure in the nineties as the lead guitarist in the bandWenge Musica, he transcended his art and made a name for himself as an authentic trendsetter. He has been imitated by many, but very few have come close to mastering the charm and warmth of his melodies.



It’s hard, in fact, to think of a more influential Soukous guitarist from the last ten years. Wenge Musica came of age in the early nineties and immediately took over the Congolese music scene. Not everyone was impressed. Some critics complained that while the music seemed well-fitted for an all-night dance party, the lyrics lacked any substance. This new approach was in itself a bit of a revolution in Congolese music. As it turned out, it will later prove to be the new way to play the music. The “sebene”, or the dancing part of the song, had become more important than the introductory ballad. ,Alain Makaba was at the forefront of this new approach. His eccentric guitar melodies were the cornerstone of hit albums such as Kin-e-Bouge, Kala-Yi-Boeing and Titanic. While Wenge Musica as a group reached its musical apogee with Kala-Yi-Boeing, receiving top honours all over Africa, Alain Makaba showcased the best of his craft in the album Pile ou Face released in 1995. Like Kala-Yi-Boeng, Pile ou Face has become a standard in Soukous songwriting, a model by which other albums are measured. The album runs as a well-oiled machine from start to finish. The sebenes are full of catchy tunes and well balanced with ballads like “Inoubliable”. Alain Makaba wrote, sung and performed on most of the songs in the album. Appearing as guests are such legends as Dindo Yogo and King Kester Emeneya. In his newest album, “Ya Ku Dominer” released in late 2003, he is back to his old tricks with tracks like Kisakata and Ya Ku Dominer.The album has so far received good reviews


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