The Advanced Soukous Solo Guitar Worshop


This group was formed by Sam Mangwana, Mohamed Ya Mbongo, Ringo Moya and Dizzy Mahajan. This adventure will last about three years. After a few collaborations with the Orchestra Sympatic of Benin and Sery Simplice the Ivorian inter alia, his career will take a new momentum after his arrival in France. In Paris, he will work with Syllart Productions and will quickly become one of the most sought-after guitarists of African music. The biggest names will appeal to him: Abeti Masikini (with which it will record three recordings, including international gold disc: “I am angry”), Shimita, Aladji Toure, Toto Guillaume, me Pongo Love and his former comrade Nyboma in Les Kamale Dynamics some titles will be tubes: “double double” or “papy sodolo” for example… In 1988, the bewitching melody of “Marcory petrol» of the Zairian singer Neil Zitany guitar will be a great success in all of Africa and the African diaspora European. Dally Kimoko became a guitarist of great notoriety. Thus, the African star Kanda Bongo Man kwassa kwassa pioneer will recruit him in his group replacing’s Diblo Dibala. This collaboration for the success of Soukous will release. One thinks for example: “wallow” or “ceremony”. Many international tours will allow Kanda Bongo Man and Dally Kimoko to dance all over the world to the rhythms of Soukous and kwassa kwassa. In the early 1990s, it is the turn of the new star fashionable Aurlus Mabele to recruit him for his group Loketo. This association lasted only two years, but this will be enough to mark again the spirits with titles like “embargo” for example where the guitar is widely implemented in front. At the same time, it will be one of the founding members of Soukous Stars Ballou Canta, Mohamed Ya Mbongo and Shimita. This training will be released many albums of which some remain references in the world of soukous. Many concerts will be given throughout the world. In one of their most famous albums: Gozando a headline catches the attention: “Daly Swing” that compiles in fact the most beautiful guitar parts played by Dally over the years. The end of the 20th century will be conducive in terms of collaborations with other artists. Among the best known, he will play with Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Oliver Ngoma, Petit Pays, Gadji-Celi, Yondo Sister, Tshala Muana, Madilu System, Pierrette Adams, Les Sans Papiers, Reddy Amisi, Théo Blaise Kounkou, Awilo, Félix Wazekwa, Pepe Kalle, Julie Mabéa, Arnold, Guy Lobe, Prince Eyango, Guy Bhat, Oumou Sangare, etc. At the beginning of the 21st century, it will leave the Soukous Stars and continue his multiple collaborations. In 2002, he will join the French singer Leslie and Ivorian group Magic System to give birth to a hit of French song: ‘And I expect’. He will appear with them on the stage of the Olympia. In 2003, he participated in the album “Radio Bakongo”, together with “El Rey” Paulo Salgado Batata in Colombia. Not to mention its participation in a series of concert given in tribute to him, died in 2004(Dont celui de Paleo en 2004, disponible en partie sur You Tube). In 2007, he helped the last disk of Madilu System (good mood) released just before his death. In the summer 2008, he finally released a new solo album entitled: “Good wind”. In recent years, Dally Kimoko performs regularly with his band ‘Good wind de Paris’ in the French capital. His talent is always much acclaimed by of many artists who recorded his parts of guitars on their cd: Naungnaung Toki Lala, Clarisse Valéri, Mbilia Bel, Claude Kiya, Liz Benja, Nanutu, long long, Dody and kiss Bass, Cano, Petit Pays, toy Lumumba etc… October 2014, release of a new single entitled “We love you Mandela”, with the participation of Yondo Sister and 3615 Code Niawu. (Bassoka Productions/universe Congolese rumba


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