MBEMBA NDOMBASI nicknamed by its music lovers LOFOMBO, began his career in groups in the district. First by the battery in 1981 for the bass guitar in 1983. In 1985, he joined the Orchestra of the Radio Television Nationale Congolaise (RTNC), over time the voice of ZAIRE. The scarcity of bassists in Congolese music will be at the base of many different musical groups solicitations. For this, a good number of groups will be required to adjust their days and hours of rehearsal over availability of GODE LOFOMBO. It is between other OVOZA (Orchestra of the voice of Zaire), Super Wawa of Djo Nickel (a naysayer of Grand Zaiko), Dynamic Acha of LIKI DJO and Super shock of his big brother SHORA MBEMBA (the creator of dance MANDOUNDOU). GODE LOFOMBO evolved so until 1990.It was during this year that it will hone his bass guitar in one of rare jazz, band Sim Lipate the old SIMBARD. In 1991, LOFOMBO will a meteoric rise in the EMPIRE BAKUBA of PEPE KALLE, real name KABASELE YA MPANYA. Very loved by PEPE Kalle until his death. The departure of PEPE KALLE was a great shock to LOFOMBO, adored by the elephant of Congolese music, some of his colleagues in the Group found then an opportunity to upset him. In 1999, the number 1 of the Congolese bass created the DELTA FORCE BAND until these days. In addition, MBEMBA NDOMBASI, called “bendele ya Congo “ (in French emblem of the Congo), has participated in several albums and songs of the giants of Congolese and African music in arrangement , production and as well as programming This is the case of: LUTUMBA SIMARO MASIYA in the album TRAHISON , MADILU SYSTEM in FRERE EDOUARD , POUVOIR – BONHEUR, WERRASON in album INTERVENTION RAPIDE , DEFAO MATUMONA (several albums including the last in progress titled SOKOFERE); DORA DEKA (Cameroonian artist); AURLUS MABELE (Congo Brazza City); Daniel Ngobo, YONDO SISTER, Alain Coucou, Jean Papy Ramazani, Mbuta Likasu (album Attention Obus), Blaise Bula (album Ponderation 8 dela Generation Wenge Musica), Marie Paul (the Generation Wenge Musica), LOFOMBO has also worked with artists providing religious music this is the case of the ABBE MAKAMBA of the diocese of Kinshasa and several other artist


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