One day while playing guitar Malembe Chant saw him and invited him to join his band Select Musica. Malembe Chant finally convinced him and he joined the band, Malembe baptised him Burkina Faso Mugu Mugamba. It is well-known Master of the Congolese music. Later he joined Choc Stars and with them he made his first recording, it was Debaba’s song Pafuti. He also played for a while with Anti Choc and Defao & Big Stars and he recorded the song ( L’Amour Scolaire in 1992).As well as Madilu System , Gataux Beven and Many More … In 1994 Fataki Tabou left Wenge Musica 4×4 for Viva la Musica and Burkina Faso left Big Stars to replace him, Mbokaliya and Alain Makaba were two top class guitarists . When Wenge split he joined Werrason in Maison Mere but later re-joined JB Mpiana in BCBG. Burkina Faso had already played songs like Kapita, Pacte du vin, Nazareth and many others of JB Mpiana and BCBG while he was with Select Musica, these songs were later sold to JB Mpiana’s band by a former member of Select Musica called Senado, an older brother of Chai Ngenge. Being restless he also left JB Mpiana and created his own band Wenge Tout Terrain which he left in the middle of the recording of a maxi single to join Nouvelle Ecriture as a third guitarist. For his band members this was a big disillusion and his fans were angry as well, they hoped he would not last long with Papa Wemba. With wengeBCBG he played on some songs on ” feux de l’amour” and also some important concerts in Europe and USA , Canada and Africa . Now Burkina Faso is based in London- England as freelance session and Private guitar teach


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