The Advanced Rhumba Bass Guitar Techniques_Bijoux Bass



Bijoux Bass  Zola-Nzola is Current bass player of Zaiko Langa Langa .

Zaïko Langa Langa is a Congolese soukous band formed in Kinshasa, in 1969. It was established by D.V. Moanda, Henri Mongombe, Marcellin Delo and André Bita, the band evolved from the Orchestre Bel Guide National, which is seen as Zaïko’s predecessor.[1] Co-founders included Papa Wemba, Jossart N’Yoka Longo, Manuaku Waku. Led by N’Yoka Longo, they are seen as the most influential African group and have participated in the evolution and innovation of the main musical genre in Congo, the Congolese rumba.

Due to several splits of the group, the Langa Langa clan was born, bringing together all the dissidents of the great Zaïko (including Viva La Musica, Isifi Lokole, Choc Stars, Langa Langa Stars, Quartier Latin).


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